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Pixel Embedding for Quantized Neural Networks

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Hi, I’m Joel from LeapMind. For this blog, I’ll write a little about pixel embedding, which enables fast inference of the first layer of a quantized neural network. This has been very useful for me recently. If you work with quantized neural networks, maybe it can be useful for you too. Background Neural networks can perform various computer vision tasks, which receive images as input. For example, the noise reduction task. Read More...

Voice Cloning experiment at Leapmind Hackdays (2022Q1)

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Hello, this is Patrick. I am an engineering manager at Leapmind. Recently, in our hackdays in January 2022, I thought up some fun ideas to experiment. This was done over 2-3 days. (About our past hackdays activity, please see this article) The Idea Most people are afraid of speaking foreign languages (eg. English). From what I understand, they lack the confidence and are afraid of making grammatical mistakes, or thinking that they have a funny accent. Read More...


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